Windermere Women's Institute


This page is specifically dedicated to the Windermere Women's Institute and the Women's Institute in general.


History of the Women's Institute

February 19, 1897, the first Women's Institute was formed by Adelaide Hoodless and friends at Stoney Creek Ontario. Their aim was to help women become more knowledgeable about operating an efficient home. The movement grew rapidly.

By 1904 there were 149 branches and 5,433 members. Its growth continued across Canada and into Great Britain. The Women's Institute is an affiliate member of the Associated Country Women of the World.


Our Mission

" To better the lives of women and families through personal growth and community action"

Our Vision

" Working together shaping tomorrow's world"

Our Motto

" For Home and Country"


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The Windermere Women's Institute - Overview

The Windermere Branch of the Women's Institute was formed in 1911.

We enjoy fun and friendship at monthly meetings, participate in crafts and have a variety of informative guest speakers.

We take an active role in our community:

  • visiting the elderly and "Shut Ins" at Christmas
  • celebrating the seniors' Birthday Party at the Pines Senior Residence
  • supporting programs at our local school
  • donating to projects for our local hospitals and Women's Hostel
  • monitoring the well being of our community and expressing any concerns to our local government.
  • participating in community events such as the annual spring Roadside Garbage Clean Up.
  • organizing and encouraging local artist's display at the small Heritage Village Hall in the Windermere Village Park.

Our major fund raising is done by bake sales at the Windermere Family Fun Day in July and our bake sale on the August 1st. weekend.

Our latest project is the development of the Windermere and Area Community Archive. Our goal is to preserve the community history that we have gathered over many years by scanning it on to a data base that it may become easily available to our community.


The Windermere Women's Institute - Club Officers

The following are the officers of the Windermere Women's Institute for the year 2010 - 2011:

President - Darlene Poirier

Vice President - Susan Goltz

Treasurer - Joan Bentley

Secretary - Sharon Timms

Public Relations - Cindy Williams

Tweedsmuir and Archive Curator - Dianne Annette


Club meetings are held at the Windermere Community Centre every 3rd. Tuesday of the month from September to June


The Windermere Women's Institute - Club Program

The following is this year's program for the Club:

  • Sept. 17/13 - Perenial Garden fall clean-up with Elaine Vida of Bracekenrig Landscaping
  • Oct. 15/13 - Reflexology with Allen Edwards
  • Nov. 19/13 - Nautilus North Gym - John & Terri Little - strength training for seniors
  • Dec. 3/13 - Dinner & Craft - Pine Boughs Decorations - Xmas Gift Exchange
  • Jan.21/14 - Cavalcade Colour Lab. & Camera - basic techniques of photography
  • Feb.18/14 - Amateur Talent Night
  • Mar.18/14 - Habitat for Humanity (Rose Program)
  • April 15/14 - Archive Night - Election of Officers
  • May 20/14 - Township of Muskoka Lakes - Disaster Planning (Rose Program)
  • June 3/14 - Pot Luck Dinner - 6pm

Anyone wishing to attend any of the above functions should contact a member of their Windermere Women's Institute.




The Windermere Women's Institute - Photo Gallery






Bake Sale at Family Fun Day



Heritage Display at The Windermere Village Hall



A WI Meeting at The Windermere Community Centre



Unveiling of The Provincial Historical Plaque at The Windermere Village Hall



WI Buffet



Women's Institute Accomplishments

The following list illustrates some of the concerns identified and lobbied for by the Federated Women’s Institute(FWIO):

  • mandatory stopping for school buses with flashing lights
  • signs at railway crossings
  • white lines on provincial highways
  • use of easily understood labels on food products
  • enforcement of proper use of slow-moving (SMV) signs
  • inclusion of music and family studies in school curriculum
  • pasteurization of milk
  • removal of staples from frozen food
  • establishing the International Peace Gardens on the Manitoba and North Dakota boarder
  • banning the sale of mineral based detergents
  • having bread wrapped
  • removing red stripes from bacon wrap
  • having florescent paint used on sides of railway cars
  • labelling of garments as to fibre content and care
  • requiring car owners to purchase liability insurance before getting a vehicle licence
  • hospital benefits for all nursing homes
  • mandatory TB testing for food handlers
  • establishing MacDonald Hall at the University of Guelph Ontario
  • establishing Brock University in St Catherines Ontario
  • having poison containers clearly marked
  • legislation requiring the lowering of head lights when meeting another vehicle
  • sex education courses in school
  • legislation requiring breathalyzer and blood testing for suspected drunk drivers
  • having fowl graded for sale
  • making the legal marriage age at sixteen years with parental consent
  • encouraging War Memorials and Remembrance Day Service
  • installation of three-point rear seat belts
  • Living Wills established